Download Individual Stock Icons

We are excited to announce that we have started selling icons individually on our website.
At you can search over 12,000 professional icons for the one (or two, or twenty) that satisfy your software project.  Professional Vista Icons are priced as low as $2!!!  We think that it will be a great addition to the incredible options already available to our clients.  Download Individual Icons today!

Download Stock Icons

Download Stock Icons


5 Steps To Choose A Great Professional Icon

Are you a Software company that requires Professional icons for your application, Website or Presentations? You might find this article helpful. It is not about criticizing others design work, but its about how properly designed Icons can prove better for your Software, Application, Website or Presentation. By going through this article, you will learn how easy it is to get a really professional look with your application by using any icons from 16×16 size to 256×256 size. Want to know how we can use these different sizes of icon real estate to your full quality advantage? Read More below…
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Professional Vista Software Icons Collection

A sample of the Icons included in the Vista Application Suite Icon collection  by ArtistsValley. Visit the Icon page for more information!

Sample Icon Collection to be released on March 31st 2008