Custom XAML Icon designs

ArtistsValley, one of the most well known leaders in Professional Icons for Software and Websites is now diversifying in an attempt to get its unique professional style on every corner of the Globe! Artistsvalley has now introduced Custom XAML icon design services for Professional Developers.

Here are a few sample screenshots of some icons converted into XAML format from their original Professional Vista Software Icons collection

Custom XAML Icon design

Stunning and Beautiful, Crisp and Clear Vector XAML icons for your WPF applications or Software. You no longer have to worry about having multiple files with different sizes or in multiple folders… XAML files provides a structure where you can include all the icons into one XAML dictionary or collection.

Vector Music Folder XAML icon

With the power of Vector icons, you can now scale your XAML icons to any size you want dynamically within your application.

Vector Music Folder Icon

Each XAML graphic has Structured XML code which is used to create these non-destructive Vector graphics.

XAML icon Code

ArtistsValley plans to launch its first set of Professional XAML icons next month (July 2008). This will contain various XAML Document Icons, Media Icons, Devices icons and much more.

If you are interested in having quality XAML icons designed for your software or presentation, Contact ArtistsValley Professional Icon design Services now.

If you have missed the intro on XAML and what it actually is… you can find it in my previous post.

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  2. hi, when are the xaml icons available?

  3. nice icons

  4. XAML icon collections is now released. You can find them at

  5. Another source you might want to check out:

  6. just added on the site a set of icons which include DrawingImages, DrawingBrushes and also in png format from 256×256 to 16×16

  7. Really Nice icons.

  8. Where can i find the latest information about Custom XAML Icon designs

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